Created for my Creative Concepts and storytelling class. I was given a company that had a 100% biodegradable shoe. My assignment was to create the brand’s name, logo, tagline, as well as 3 out of home ads and a guerrilla ad.


While trying to think of a name for this brand I started brainstorming words that I associated with running shoes, “Walk, run, hike, prance, dance, sprint, stride.” Stride. That was it. Put a spin on the word stride.


I wanted a tagline that would incorporate “stride” since that was the inspiration for the brands name as well as the company’s environmentally friendly aspect to build an automatic brand value that would be easily communicated to the audience.



For the three out of home ads I chose to do three billboards. For the first billboard I wanted to show off the product that my assignment revolved around, the biodegradable shoe. I sourced the image from google images (as my professor allowed for the class), and used photoshop to edit the photo as well as insert copy and the company logo. For the second billboard I sourced an image of a female running. It was important for me to choose an image that portrayed a strong female to show that the brand would have an aspect of female empowerment. The last image I chose was one that I wanted to challenge myself with as far as copy placement.

My guerrilla tactic/experiential tactic concept (No sponsoring the road race):  A STREX themed astronaut sculpture with an LED screen that said, “One small step for man, One giant stride for mankind” that included a button that would make the quote audible as well. The sculpture would also include a STREX flag in either Times Square or Santa Monica Promenade. I originally thought of the quote, since the brand was about being environmentally friendly, and the product would be the first 100% biodegradable shoe, and decided to change “leap” to “stride” to fit the brand’s tagline, and then ran with the space concept.

Michelle Lee